Episode 133 – Ken Brownlee, founder of The Ken Brownlee Real Estate Team in Brandon, Florida, was one of the first agents I had the opportunity to meet after relocating to the Tampa/St Pete area. Ken has built a team dedicated to helping buyers and sellers achieve their dreams. He showed me this trait directly when I mentioned I had yet to see an alligator after a month or so in the state. Ken immediately led me to a pond behind his office and the hunt was on. While we did not find one that day, I’ll never forget Ken’s offer to help. Enjoy Ken’s story and if you’re in Brandon, maybe he’ll find a gator for you!


02:20 – Ken describes the different areas of the Tampa/St Pete market

06:10 – Ken talks local sports, including the 0-14 Buccaneers

07:15 – An early love of building things foretells Ken’s future

09:50 – Insurance and financial planning career

11:10 – Parallels between running an insurance agency and real estate

14:05 – The real estate career begins

17:05 – Starting a second career and the first year in real estate

20:45 – Asking questions of successful agents to put a plan of action in place

22:30 – The importance of an agent’s database

23:10 – A look at the Ken Brownlee team

25:45 – Building and operating a team

29:10 – What’s on the horizon for the team?

34:15 – What one piece of advice would you give a new agent?