Episode 137 featuring James Roy, Broker/Owner of James Roy and Associates, was a long time coming. Last year at a Greater Tampa Realtor tech event, I met James and asked him if he would like to be a guest. He agreed and I dropped the ball and never got back to him. Fast forward to the 2018 version of the event, and James and I reconnect. After apologizing, I scheduled James for Episode 137.  Listen in as James shares his story, including growing up in Michigan, pond hockey, the auto industry and moving to Tampa to begin a career in real estate.

03:00 – Growing up in Michigan

06:30 – Any thoughts on starting up the hockey career again?

07:40 – Was a career in real estate on James’ radar in school?

09:30 – What started the real estate career?

11:45 – Starting the career with Coldwell Banker

13:30 – Moving on to Yellowtail Realty

14:50 – Starting up James Roy and Associates

18:20 – Discussion about the company websites, internal, and external

22:00 – Video and how James sees it working for his company

26:50 – Thoughts on the value of an agent’s database

29:45 – Is James ready for the growth to a larger operation?

33:25 – One piece of advice for a new agent getting started in the business.

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