Episode 59 brings the musings of Marguerite Giguere, founder of GetRealTacoma.com and MovetoTacoma.com.  Marguerite is with Windermere Professional Partners, in you guessed it, Tacoma, Washington. Smart, opinionated, and innovative come to mind when asked to describe Marguerite. I hope you enjoy her passion for her city and her desire to bring to light issues that have hidden in the shadows for far too long.


3:40 – Why Tacoma?
5:10 – Marguerite heads to Italy
10:04 – Marguerite and her many jobs
13:15 – The birth of MoveToTacoma.com
22:10 – Marguerite finally learns the art of delegation
24:00 – How to have an opinion
27.35 – Marguerite gets serious for a while
34:20 – The Final Question