Ben Whetstone’s approach to real estate and team building makes him somewhat of an anomaly. Since becoming a full-time real estate agent two and a half years ago, he’s been able to more than triple his income and establish an unshakeable team. 

As he dives into his background as a member of the U. S. Army and police officer who built his people skills in the most unexpected of places— Ben highlights the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people.

Hear how applying for his real estate licence from the front seat of his squad car, set off a chain of events that would help him realize his potential as a real estate agent. Find out what he and his team are doing to embrace ibuyers and how he knew Keller Williams was a place that reflected his values. Also, catch his game-changing call script that took him from 9-50 listings in one year!


“Enforcing those standards to be on our team and creating that accountability has been a game changer… we have to talk about what we did to find new business. We have to talk about what we did to move the business that we are currently working on through our pipeline and then at the end of that you have to talk about what you intend to improve by 1% that day. so the theory is if you're improving by 1% every day in the aggregate you're going to get way, way better.”

-Ben Whetstone

Top Takeaways:

  • Ben Whetstone’s Advice for New Agents:

Why do you absolutely have to be successful?

“Once you know the answer to that question, reverse engineer success.”



  • Get granular about it.


– Know your conversion rates

– Know how many people you need to talk to to secure an appointment.

– Do the map.


  •  Get to the office first. 



“I've started telling people when I interview them that I either want to inspire you or have you run out of the building screaming. There's really no in-between because it takes that tenacity and that ability to be successful in real estate.” 

-Ben Whetstone [25:03] 


Episode Highlights:



  • [00:32] Intro
  • [00:43] Meet Ben Whetstone
  • [01:51] Observing changes- growing up in Tampa
  • [04:08] Joining the Army and shaping his mindset
  • [07:19] Leaving the military and building interpersonal skills
  • [12:16] Serving as a police officer during tumultuous times
  • [14:28] Getting his real estate start with Coldwell Banker
  • [16:34] Learning could be possible with real estate and changing to Keller Williams
  • [21:15] Ethics and finding abnormal success
  • [22:17] Building a sound team
  • [24:10] A desire to ensure the goals of everyone on the team are encompassed
  • [24:47] Choosing the right people and creating standards
  • [27:06] Lead generation and Ben's game-changing script
  • [31:25] Maintaining database and never forgetting past clients
  • [33:31] How his team is reacting to the ibuyer concept
  • [35:33] Ben Whenstone's advice for new agents
  • [36:14] Contacting Ben
  • [36:50] Outro


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