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Episode 247 – Lindsay Dreyer, Owner/Broker – City Chic Real Estate

Episode Summary: Our guest today has done some truly amazing things in the real estate world. Joining us is Lindsay Dreyer, the founder, broker, and owner of City Chic Real Estate in Washington D.C. Lindsay brings an exciting approach to… Continue Reading →

Episode 246 – Pam Blair, Owner – YogaBug Real Estate

Today, our guest is part of a powerhouse wife and husband real estate team who has been able to blend real estate with a holistic approach to life. Joining us is Pam Blair, the broker and owner of YogaBug Real… Continue Reading →

Episode 245 – Amy Karol, The A-Team with Coldwell Banker Real Estate

Our guest today is part of a husband and wife duo who are relatively new to the industry but have already reached great success since starting. Joining us is Amy Karol, of Coldwell Banker in St Petersburg, Florida. Amy and… Continue Reading →

Episode 241 – Avery Carl, The Short Term Shop

A first for The Real Estate Sessions, our guest specializes in short-term vacation rentals. This interesting strategy is where our guest found the niche that she has made into a very successful investing business. Avery Carl is the CEO and… Continue Reading →

Episode 240 – Cliff Long, CEO – Orlando Regional Realtor Association

In this episode of The Real Estate Sessions, Bill speaks with Cliff Long, CEO of the Orlando Regional Realtors Association. He shares his career journey- from an entitled young man who was groomed to be the CEO to a struggling… Continue Reading →

Bonus Episode – “Activity Breeds Activity” Realtor Panel with Michele Herndon, Tiffany McQuaid, and Anthony Malafronte

Some 9 weeks into the shelter in place, quarantine world we live in, real estate has continued on as an essential service in nearly every state. I put together a panel of top realtors on the Florida Gulf Coast to… Continue Reading →

Episode 238 – Nicole Mickle, Mainframe Real Estate

In this episode of The Real Estate Sessions, Bill sits with Nicole Mickle as she describes her journey into real estate. She shares how she started in the finance world and gradually made the transition. Listen in to learn the… Continue Reading →

Episode 237 – Josh Summers, CEO – REALTOR Association of Lake and Sumter Counties

  In this episode of The Real Estate Sessions, Bill speaks with Josh Summers, the CEO of the Realtors Association of Lake and Sumter Counties (RALSC). He shares how he started in the multifamily real estate right after college and… Continue Reading →

Episode 236 – Neal Oates, Broker/Owner – World Renowned Real Estate

Neal Oates got his real estate start working under houses as a Terminix employee. Thanks to the guidance of a few genuine mentors, his business background and entrepreneurial spirit— it wasn’t long before he branched out on his own.  Today,… Continue Reading →

Episode 235, Joseph Magsaysay – VP. Business Development, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate

After relocating from the Philippines to a small town in Missouri, Joseph Magsaysay managed to build a successful real estate business almost immediately, going from stay-at-home dad to helping 35 families in his very first year. In this episode, Joseph… Continue Reading →

Episode 234 – Jay Quigley, Florida Executive Realty and Secretary, Greater Tampa Realtors

Growing up, well before real estate agent Jay Quigley got his start in the industry, he was better known as DJ Jay Scott. Though he’s moved on from spinning records in the Tampa community he was raised in, his unwavering… Continue Reading →

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