I celebrate reaching Episode 200 with the Queen of New York Real Estate, Dolly Lenz, of Dolly Lenz Real Estate. Dolly shares her journey from the Bronx to accounting at United Artists to real estate in Manhattan and beyond. She also humors me with a Barbra Streisand story!

01:45 – Growing up in the Bronx


04:20 – What was Dolly’s first job out of college?


04:55 – Dolly is friends with Barbra Streisand!


05:55- How does real estate enter the picture?


09:30 – Moving to Sotheby’s


11:00 – Starting Dolly Lenz Real Estate


11:50 – Protecting the privacy of the ultra-wealthy


14:10 – How should an agent handle high profile clients in their area?


14:40 – Connecting with Inman


16:40 – Luxury Connect and the power of the event


18:00 – How do agents break into the luxury market


22:00 – Are there other markets other than Manhattan?


22:40 – Does Dolly use a CRM?


24:05 – Dolly’s involvement in charitable efforts


27:50 – What piece of advice would you give to a new agent?