Episode 189 features Elisha Alcantara of Encompass Realty in Portland Oregon. Shout out to Wendy Thatcher for the recommendation! Elisha's path to Encompass covers many areas of the real estate industry from residential to investor to general contractor and beyond. Listen in to a true story of hustle and hard work!

01:50 – Where did you grow up?


03:25 – Biggest misconception about Portland or the PNW?


06:30 – What was Elisha’s first career after school?


11:50 – Elisha doubles down on herself and jumps into real estate


13:10 Transitioning to investor/auction business early in her career


16:30 – Starting Encompass Realty


18:30 – The meaning behind the name


23:40 – What does a team member at Encompass look like?


25:50 – The power of happy


27:15 – Elisha’s passion project


30:45 – What one piece of advice would you give a new agent just getting started?