In Episode 181, we travel to Toronto to chat with Melanie Piche of The BREL Team. Melanie has followed an interesting path to and uniques concept called the team of teams. Listen in to find out what that means and a whole lot more about this passionate relationship builder from Canada.

01:45 – Please explain “No BS, No Fridge Magnets, No Broken Promises”

03:05 – Living and working in Toronto

04:25 – My weekly attempt at talking sports on the podcast

05:35 – Secondary education and the career in mind in school

06:20 – How did Melanie transition from the corporate world to real estate?

09:50 – Starting up The Brel Team

12:00 – What does The Brel Team look like today?

12:30 – Melanie lays ou the “Team of Teams” philosophy

16:00 – How blogging propelled The BREL Team

17:40 – Can someone start real estate blogging today and have success?

20:15 – The focus of relationships baked into The BREL Team

24:20 – Melanie’s take on Facebook in 2019

26:50 – The development of GetWhatYouWant.CA over the years

31:20 – Staying on top of the latest technology through conferences

33:00 – What one piece of advice would you give to a new agent?