Episode 124 looks at an industry we have not visited on the Real Estate Sessions. Sam Parker, founder, and CEO of MyCreditGuy.com specializes in credit restoration, helping REALTOR and lender partners help buyers do the work required to qualify for the home of their dreams.


02:45  Growing up in Vinton, Iowa
04:30  Hawkeyes or Cyclones?
05:30  When did Sam enter Credit Restoration field?
06:20  How long have you been in Arizona and what brought Sam there?
08:00  What is the biggest misconception about credit restoration?
09:34  Sam's path from starting out to now
10:45  What are some of the biggest tech changes for the business?
12:35  How do you market to lenders/REALTORS to acquire new business?
15:15  Embracing social media and video.
18:20  What are a few things we all should do to protect our credit and keep our score as high as possible
20:20  What should people watch out for re: credit repair scams?
25:00  If you could give one piece of advice to a Realtor just getting started in the business, what would it be?