January 23, 2018 – Episode 125 brings the story of Kevin Kauffman to the Real Estate Sessions. In about 10 years, Kevin and his partner, Fred Weaver have built a powerhouse operation across seven states. Listen in to hear Kevin explain their start with short sales and how the team has evolved over the last decade.

01:50 – What is Yuma like?

05:05 – Why the Raiders when you live in Phoenix?
07:40 – Dream job for Kevin as a teenager?
09:00 – Early career in the finance industry.
10:50 – Becoming a Realtor just as the “Dark Days” hit. Why?
14:50 – First year in the industry
15:40 – Connecting with Fred Weaver and forming Group 46:10
22:30 – The growth of Group 46:10 and purchasing the Keller Williams branch
26:15 – Creation of the Group 46:10 Real Estate Network.
39:50 – What's the future look like for real estate?
43:50 – If you could give one piece of advice to a new agent just getting started in the business, what would it be?