January 30, 2018 – Debbie Kirkland, Owner/Broker of Century 21 First Story Real Estate of Tallahassee, Florida joins the cast of The Real Estate Sessions podcast. Debbie shares her story and explains how she started her second career in real estate. She was and still is an early adopter of tools and technology and founded the Florida Association of REALTORS annual REBarCamp at the state convention.

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02:45 – Growing up and working in Tallahassee

05:00 – Did you know you wanted to be a REALTOR at a young age?

08:15 – How did you become a REALTOR?

10:55 – Starting with Prudential as a new agent

13:30 – Opening a brokerage and the challenges presented

18:00 – The importance of volunteerism in real estate

21:55 – Joining the Century 21 team

25:20 – Early adoption of social media and the importance of these tools

28:30 – Running the FAR REBarCamp

32:00 – Debbies favorite social network

33:50 – Referrals and relocation and how they go together with social

36:25 – One piece of advice to a new agent