Episode 129 – I am thrilled to have another leader in real estate join me as he shares his entrepreneurial journey in the world of relationships, resulting in the company Contactually. Zvi Band is the CEO of a company that defines the R in CRM. Enjoy Zvi as he shares growing up in San Diego and ending up inside the Capital Beltway with Contactually.

02:10 – Life in San Diego

04:45 – Moving to D.C. and choosing Universtiy of Maryland

07:20 – How early did Zvi get into computers?

08:50 – The entrepreneur in Zvi

12:00 – How do the roles of coder and founder co-exist?

13:40 – Zvi and Evernote

17:05 – Contactually and real estate

19:00 – Spreading out to other verticals with Contactually

21:05 – The disconnect between the need for relationships and doing relationship building things

23:55 – The focus on relationships

25:40 – Zvi's take on the doomsday predictions for the industry from the Inman stage

30:10 – The current state of leadership in the industry

33:50 – Final question – What piece of advice would you give a new agent just getting started in the business?