Episode 130 features another guest from real estate tech hotbed North Carolina. While not a native, Zach Schabot, Senior Manager, Broker Relations with Zillow Group, has over 20 years in the Raleigh area. “A Tarheel by marriage”, Zach shares his story which winds through many different areas of the business.

02:15 – From upstate New York to Raleigh, North Carolina

06:20 – Duke or UNC?

08:10 – With a degree in communications, was a real estate career in the cards?

10:10 – A brief stint in the real estate publishing industry

11:30 – General brokerage is the next step

12:40 – Starting up a new brokerage in a down market

16:35 – The creation of Go Connect

19:50 – The journey continues to the Zillow Group

25:30 – What has Zach most excited at Zillow Group?

30:40 – Why relationships matter

32:15 – Volunteerism and why it is so important

34:05 – Final question – One piece of advice for a new agent