Episode 131 – The Real Estate Sessions welcomes Chelsea Peitz, author of Talking in Pictures and co-founder of The Agent Marketer, to the growing list of real estate professionals doing amazing things in the industry. Check out Chelsea’s backstory, including early schooling pointing her down the path to becoming a nun!

02:15 – Are you one of the rare native Arizonans?

04:20 – With a degree in clinical psychology,  was real estate on your radar?

07:20 – What did you do right out of school?

08:40 – The Brian and Chelsea story.

12:15 – Joining the FNF family

14:10 – Transitioning to social/digital marketing

16:00 – Being open and authentic can be difficult.

18:20 – The origin of the SnapPack

20:15 – Talking in Pictures is published

23:01 – The evolution of Snapchat

26:45 – The Inman community

29:15 – Working with Jason Frazier and The Agent Marketer

35:40 – What one piece of advice would you give a new agent starting in the business?