After watching Ethan on video for years, I finally reached out and interviewed him for The Real Estate Sessions. As a long time BombBomb account holder, it was fun to get the origin story of the company, as well as a look at its growth over the years. Check out Ethan's journey to Colorado Springs and his passion for building relationships.

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@ethanbeute on Twitter

02:20 – Growing up in Grand Rapids, Michigan

04:45 – University of Michigan and beyond

06:45 – Heading into the world of Television and marketing

10:50 – Relocating to Colorado Springs

11:50 – Meeting Darin, Conor and joining BombBomb

13:55 – The importance of culture at BombBomb

16:30 – The recent evolution of the BombBomb platform

19:25 – Where did the name come from?

21:05 – Was real estate always on the radar for the company?

25:50 – How has your involvement with the Inman community helped?

27:00 – Ethan's work with local charities

31:00 – What one piece of advice would you give a new agent just starting in the business?