Episode 136 takes us behind the scenes of the M&A (mergers and acquisition) world of real estate. Ryan spent nearly 18 years with NRT/Realogy in the Strategic Development unit as an analyst and Director. Listen in as Ryan explains how a brokerage is valued and Ryan's take on where the industry is headed.


01:45 – Growing up in New York and the obligatory question about favorite teams

03:30 – Education in Florida and Philly

05:00 – How did a finance degree lead to NRT?

06:25 – Helping Bill understand the NRT-Cendant-Realogy story

08:40 – How is the acquisition value of real estate brokerage determined?

11:10 – How is “culture” sussed out?

12:30 – What was the conversion rate of companies analyzed for acquisition?

18:30 – Ryan's growth within the Realogy company

19:50 – How is business as Ryan becomes an independent consultant

21:35 – How have the years at Realogy helped your business?

22:50 – What is Ryan's take on the “disruptors” appearing again in the industry

28:35 – What piece of advice would you give a new agent?

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