Episode 141 –  I love great writing, much like I love great music. In Episode 141, I get to chat with one of my favorite writers and people in real estate, Lauren Walker. Lauren recently became a part of the Inman family, filling the position of Senior Director of Account Strategy. During this interview, find out more about Lauren, including her time with Readers Digest, IBM, and the real estate industry.

02:20 – Lauren shares her Chicago roots

03:20 – The move to Durham

04:36 – Of course I ask the Duke or UNC question

05:47 – Was writing an early passion for Lauren?

07:00 –  A quick look at Sarah Lawrence College

08:02 – No joke, Lauren's first job was with Readers Digest!

10:30 – Walker Interactive is created in 2000

11:45 – Consulting for IBM

15:00 – The move to real estate start-ups

17:10 – Lauren's role with the Inman Group

18:20 – The value of relationships

20:34 – First Inman Connect from the inside

21:10 – We chat about the value of writing

24:15 – A few of Lauren's favorite content creators

28:00 – What one piece of advice would you give a new agent?

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