My guest on Episode 142, Erik Elsea, has many passions. Volunteerism, service, and adventure are just a few. Listen in as I ask Erik about Rotary, real estate, and his upcoming journey through the heartland for ShelterBox.

02:00 – Growing up in Waterloo, Illinois

03:50 – Cubs or Cardinals?

06:35 – What did young Erik want to do for a career?

07:45 – Bill and Erik talk racing

10:30 – The journey from Waterloo to Florida

13:00 – Entering the world of real estate via a builder

13:45 – Transitioning to general real estate

17:15 – The value of education

19:00 – Leadership in Rotary and giving back to the community

22:50 – Erik's Big Adventure this summer

30:40 – How can listeners get involved?

31:50 – What piece of advice would Erik offer to a new agent?

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