Episode 146 is my first interview with someone that left the title business to become a Realtor. Sheena Reagan, a closer with the Fidelity National Title South Ft Myers office, left last year to join Miloff Aubuchon Realty Group. And there is one more interesting side to her story. She was just named Florida's Funniest Female. Yep. Sheena is a standĀ up comic too and we will talk about it!

02:25 – Growing up on the Florida Gulf Coast

03:50 – Hurricanes from a native's perspective

06:40 – What was 15 year old Sheena preparing for?

08:25 – Entering the legal world

10:30 – Joining the Fidelity Family

11:15 – Becoming a Realtor

12:25 – Sheena's and comedy

14:10 – The first time on stage

18:55 – Is Real Estate a source of jokes?

19:45 – As a new Realtor, has your sphere been important?

20:40 – Any leads from a gig?

21:20 – Do you have a mentor helping you get rolling in real estate?

23:00 – Why is volunteerism so important to you?

26:45 – What piece of advice would you give a new agent?


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