In Episode 148, Dr. Anne Marie Ward of Bloomtree Realty in Prescott Arizona shares her story. But first, she needed to return from Botswana where she and her husband were looking for a meteorite. That is the first time I've used the word meteorite in 3 years of producing this podcast! Find out more about her trip and how her Ph.D. in Business Leadership is helping the team at Bloomtree build better relationships with their customers!


02:25 – So where was Anne Marie in June?

04:50 – Where did Anne Marie grow up?

06:40 – What was young Anne Marie thinking about for a career?

07:40 – Higher education and meeting that real estate agent

10:20 – Earning the doctorate and finding Bloomtree Realty

14:40 – The intersection of technology and relationships

19:55 – Adult learning in the real estate world

25:50 – How is the Prescott agent experience different from Phoenix?

27:25 – How is Bloomtree competing with iBuyers?

32:20 – What piece of advice would Anne Marie give a new agent?

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