In Episode 149, we travel to Charlotte, North Carolina and visit with Julie Tambussi of Savvy & Co. Real Estate. As Director of Marketing for over 8 years, Julie has helped shape the brand and culture of this growing brokerage. Listen in as Julie shares the story of a South Jerseyan's decision to make a big move.

02:30 – How long have you been attending Inman Connect events?

05:15 – I believe you grew up in Central Jersey, near Philly. Can you describe that part of the Garden State?

07:00 – Do you support Philadelphia sports team or NY teams?

08:30 – You attended Fordham University. What area did you focus on and what were you looking to do with your degree. What was your first job?

11:25 – Somewhere in your story, North Carolina enters the picture. How did you choose Charlotte?

13:35 – We need to spend some time on Savvy & Co. Real Estate. First, how did the name came about? How big is the brokerage?

15:20 – As Director of Marketing, do you work closely with the owners to create the look and feel of the brand?

17:30 – What sorts of tools/collateral do you provide to the agents?  Does the hiring process filter out those less likely to embrace the company and the culture?

21:35 – Is there something Savvy & Co is working on for the near future that you can tell us about?

24:25 – What one piece of advice would you give a new agent just starting in the business?