As The Real Estate Sessions podcast reaches another milestone with Episode 150, I am “giddy” to have the chance to chat with Kristi Kennelly of about her amazing story. Amazing may be an understatement. Is there a better word that describes becoming the youngest member ever hired to perform in Cats? Listen in as Kristi shares a one of a kind story about combining a love of Broadway and technology in her role with

03:10 – Growing up in Southern California

05:30 – Auditioning for Cats at the Schubert at 15 years old

10:30 – Emancipated minor and family

11:40 – Making the leap to Broadway

14:30 – On final Broadway question – Working with Matthew Broderick

18:50 – Transitioning to

21:15 – Other opportunities along the way

23:30 – Maintaining the energy for presentations

25:00 – How does Kristi stay plugged into the latest real estate tech?

26:30 – Tech and relationships in real estate

27:30 – Kristi talks Results Summit Oct 1-2 2018

29:05 – A few of Kristi's favorite tech tips

33:15 – One piece of advice for a new agent just getting started