Episode 151 – I had the good fortune of meeting Jay Luebke of Mark Spain Real Estate at Inman Connect New York 2018. Jay is one of the few guests on the podcast that new at a young age he wanted to make real estate a career. He did an unpaid internship at a local brokerage while in high school to learn as much as he could and get a jump on his career. A rising star, Jay is doing good work in North Carolina.

02:30 – Growing up in Raleigh, NC

03:30 – An early call to a career in real estate

05:05 – Off to South Carolina for school

08:55 – Working for The Art of Real Estate

10:00 – Who were Jay's mentors in the business?

11:20 – Joining Mark Spain Real Estate

14:45 – What are the advantages and disadvantages of starting at a young age?

17:45 – Jay's must-have tech tools

22:30 – How did Jay get connected with Inman?

29:25 – Where will Jay be in five years?

30:48 – What piece of advice would you give a new agent in the business?