We visit with another interesting tech startup as we chat with Founder and COO of Porchd, Anand Vora. Anand, along with his wife Aimee, created Porch as a way to provide unbiased, anonymous ratings and feedback on residential properties. Realtors are using this tool to help sellers better understand what potential buyers think of their property. Check out the Vora's journey from Alaska to South Carolina.

02:00 – Serendipity in Alaska as Anand and Aimee meet

04:15 – Starting an Indian restaurant in Alaska

07:50 – Eary lives of Aimee and Anand

08:30 – Obligatory question about cricket

10:50 – Getting started in real estate investing

16:40 – What is the problem that Porchd is solving?

21:10 – Anand discusses the different users of Porchd

23:20 – How does Porchd work for investors?

25:00 – Any advice for agents looking to work with investors?

27:15 – What is your one piece of advice for a new agent?

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