I'm excited to welcome Jane Floyd of NFM Lending to The Real Estate Sessions Podcast. Jane has over 25 years in the mortgage industry, all right here in the Tampa Bay area. Jane runs one of the top teams in the country and is also a coach with CORE Training. In this episode, Jane shares her secrets for success as well as her passion for paying it forward.

02:10 – Almost a Tampa native

03:40 – I ask Jane about her love of local sports programs

04:20 – What was Jane's first job out of college?

05:12 – How did Jane land in the lending industry?

08:35 – Starting her own mortgage brokerage

09:45 – The decision to transition to NFM Lending

11:52 – The process of building a wildly successful team

13:35 – What is CORE Training and how did Jan get involved?

16:25 – How critical are relationships for Jane's team?

18:20 – Biggest misconceptions about the mortgage industry by consumers

20:00 – Giving back to the community, personally and professionally

24:11 – Janes take on the newest tech companies entering real estate

26:15 – What one piece of advice would you give a new agent?


Jane's Phone number – 813 961-3900

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