Episode 158 finds the podcast in Knoxville, Tennessee. Laura Fangman of Century 21 Legacy shares her journey from Quincy IL to many stops east of the Mississippi. Laura has learned how to connect with her clients and clients to be by using video. Listen in as she explains how easy it is to “mash the button!”


02:15 – Where is Quincy, Illinois?

05:35 – The travels of a military family

08:00 – Was a career in real estate on your mind in school?

10:05 – What was Laura's first job out of school?

12:30 – How does real estate enter the picture?

14:58 – Take 2 with real estate

21:08 – Laura and volunteerism

24:30 – The importance of relationships

27:00 – Laura and her with video

35:25 – One piece of advice for a new agent

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