Episode 159 takes us back into the real estate tech world. Adrian Petrilla, Founder, and CEO of Realty Autopilot, shares his journey into the work of real estate and online lead generation. Adrain shares some great ideas for anyone interested in converting online prospects.

02:10 – Growing up in Europe before relocating to the US

03:30 – Proof at a young age that Adrian would be a problem solver

06:50 – The decision to attend USF

08:30 – First job out of school and the real estate transition

11:30 – Understanding how to capitalize on the down market

16:20 – Pivoting as the real estate market recovers

21:40 – The decision to join eXp Realty

24:35 – The Realty Autopilot story.

26:20 – How is Adrian dealing with the changes in the Facebook algorithm?

30:40 – What does Realty Autopilot do that is different and unique?

33:30 – The importance of good copy for online ads

35:30 – Adrian shares some advice fro Facebook pages

38:25 – One piece of advice for a new agent

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