For Episode 161, we chat with Lisa Fettner, VP of Marketing for ReferralExchange. ReferralExchange not only allows consumers to find an agent in another city, it also works as an agent to agent connection platform. Listen in as Lisa shares how she split time between Ames, IA and Berkeley, CA as a child. Lisa also shares ideas on how agents can use referrals as an additional revenue stream and the role ReferralExchange can play in the process.

02:40 – What was Lisa's career path going to be as a 15 yr old student?

03:00 – Growing up splitting time between Ames IA and Northern CA

05:30 – The decision to attend Cal-Berkley via Quebec

09:19 – First job for Lisa out of college

13:10 – Bill geeks out on Lisa's Field of Dreams story

14:40 – Entering the real estate word via lending

17:25 – Referral Exchange – Is it a networked platform?

20:50 – Talking about effective referral networks as content

25:35 – Building a new revenue stream via referrals

27:50 – The rise of social and the effect on referrals

31:20 – Lisa's charity work with The Princess Project

33:10 – One piece of advice for a new agent just starting in the business

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