In Episode 164, we visit with Rachael Hite, Business Development Specialist and Consultant in Northern Virginia. The Shenandoah Valley, to be more specific. A background in print journalism, radio, and real estate set up Rachael well for her current role, helping agents navigate the digital world.

01:55 – Rachael discusses the 2018 Results Summit

03:05 – Life in the Shenandoah Valley

05:40 – Old Dominion University a different way

07:25 – Print journalism and radio right out of school

08:25 – Entering the world of real estate

09:50 – Rachael's early adoption of social and tech

11:25 – Embarking on an educational/consultancy path

12:40 – What education does Rachael offer?

15:50 – Rachael's passion for writing

17:55 – How to work a conference and maximize info shared

19:35 – Rachael's favorite network?

20:30 – Consulting through Rising 360 Media

23:10 – Rachael shares some of the history of Northern Virginia

25:15 – One piece of advice for a new agent just starting in the business

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