In Episode 167, I visit with Derek Overbey, another member of the We chat about the early days of social in real estate and the world of start-ups from a first-person perspective. Derek has come full circle and his story is compelling.

02:10 – Where did Derek grow up?

04:00 – What are the differences between Northern and Southern California?

05:40 – Derek explains a wide and varied selection of sports favorites

08:30 – What were the career plans after college?

09:50 – How does real estate enter the picture?

13:00 – The startup world comes calling again.

16:30 – The transition to Yodata

19:06 – How was the reunion of the first REBarCamp this summer in San Francisco?

21:50 – How has the business changed since your last stint with Intero?

25:37 – How does Derek see the proliferation of VC affecting the traditional brokerage?

32:00 – How important is the new data for the marketing department?

36:08 – What one piece of advice would you give a new agent just getting started in the business?

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