We head to Miami for Episode 168 to chat with Amit Bhuta, an agent with Compass. Amit shares his journey to the world of real estate and discusses his “aha” moment that changed his approach. Listen in as Amit openly shares his path to success.

02:00 – Amit and I have a Malafronte moment

02:35 – Amith shares his journey to Miami and talks about growing up there

05:40 – FIU and Amit's first career

08:30 – What was the impetus for the move to real estate?

09:45 – Starting with Coldwell Banker

11:50 – Figuring out the art of prospecting

14:10 – Finding opportunity during the recession

16:00 – Making the move to Compass

20:00 – The story behind Amit's web presence

22:10 – The importance of family in Amit's business

23:20 – Prospecting vs referral business for Amit

25:50 – What one piece of advice would Amit give to a new agent?