For episode 169, we once again head back to the Pacific Northwest, Portland, to be specific. Drew Coleman, founder of the Drew Coleman Team with Hasson Company Realtors, share his story.  Drew is one of a handful of guests that only had one career – REALTOR. Listen in as we chat about college basketball (he played) building a team (he has) and where Drew sees the industry headed.

02:10 – Spending 3 years a child in Vienna, Austria

04:05 – What's the biggest misconception of the Pacific Northwest?

05:55 – I geek out a bit about basketball because Drew played college basketball!

08:55 – Drew's kids do play basketball too!

09:40 – Falling into real estate right out of college

11:50 – The importance of volunteerism

13:16 – What should we know about Hasson Company Realtors?

14:15 – Getting started in the business

15:05 – Being on the ground floor of the internet boom in real estate

16:10 – Starting the Drew Coleman Team

19:50 – The story behind

21:55 – Building relationships via social

24:25 – Where does the business come from?

27:10 – Bullish or Bearish on the Portland market?

29:20 – Drew's take on the iBuyer/Discount fee brokerage models

32:25 – What one piece of advice would you give a new agent just getting started?

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