I am thrilled to welcome Chris Lim, Founder & CEO of Climb Real Estate to the Real Estate Sessions Podcast. Listen in as Chris shares his journey from Wall Street to the streets of San Francisco and Climb Real Estate. Realogy announced in the fall of 2018 that Climb will be franchised sometime in 2019. Born in San Francisco and raised in Silicon Valley, Climb is for the connected generation.

02:00 – Where did Chris grow up?

03:19 – What was the draw to the University of Richmond?

04:20 – From investment banker to an advertising agency

05:55 – How did real estate enter the picture?

06:50 – How did Chris arrive at the decision to form a team?

08:40 – How did Chris position the team for success through the recession?

10:30 – When Climb started in 2010, was it difficult to recruit top talent as a boutique brokerage?

12:30 – Farming the tech community for talent

13:00 – Chris talks about technology and experimentation at Climb

15:10 – Realogy decision to franchise Climb and Corcoran.

16:30 – The importance of diversity at Climb

17:50 – My curiosity surfaces as I need to find out about the Airstream

19:45 – What one piece of advice would you give a new agent just getting started in the business?


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