We kick off 2019 with Episode 173 featuring Michelle Poccia, a Realtor of 29 years based just north of Albany, NY. Michelle speaks her mind and the word authentic (quickly becoming overused) perfectly describes her. Listen in as she shares life lessons learned along the way to becoming and growing a Realtor.

 01:55 – Growing up in a Marine family

04:00 – Settling down in North Carolina for the high school years

08:35 – East Carolina University and a serious case of wanderlust

11:30 – Getting in the restaurant biz

15:25 – Serendipity and real estate

17:50 – Unknowingly entering the world of real estate

19:20 – Meeting her first mentor in the business

23:50 – The value of continuous learning

26:50 – The power of authenticity

33:30 – Treating clients like family

37:35 – What piece of advice would you give a new agent just getting started?

Call Michelle – 518 229-7703