We stay in St Pete for episode 174 and head to the new Engel & Völkers shop in St Petersburg to chat with Leisa. Raised in the Midwest, Leisa traveled the country as a sales coach/consultant before looking for an opportunity to be closer to the family. After six years in the business, she is opening her own brokerage. Find out more about Leisa and her journey on the show.

02:10 – Growing up in the Midwest

04:00 – Leisa was in the movie Hoosiers!

04:44 – Attending IU and the connection to Bobby Knight

06:05 – What was Leisa's dream job after graduation?

08:35 – What was the first job out of school?

09:40 – Moving into the sales coaching/consultant business

11:55 – How did Leisa deal with those that failed to follow through on the training?

12:50 – Entering the world of real estate with a sales mentality

16:05 – Starting off with Keller Williams and then on to RE/MAX Metro

17:35 – How did Leisa generate business early on?

19:55 – Joining the Engel & Völkers team

24:45 – Past consulting experience dovetails right into E&V culture

25:50 – Building a brokerage vs building a team

29:50 – One piece of advice for a new agent just getting started

Call Leisa at 239 789-7106