Episode 176 is a first for The Real Estate Sessions in a couple ways. First, we interview Matt Fagioli, founder of the Xplode Conference Series. Matt is the first guest to run a real estate tech conference. Second, we recorded the video and audio for this episode. Matt will release the video version same day as the podcast drops. Listen in (or watch) as Matt shares his story!

01:45 – is Matt a native of the Peach State?

02:50 – Matt’s take on Atlanta

04:50 – Bill’s sports questions centers on UGA, where Matt attended school

06:25 – What was Matt’s first gig out of school?

09:45 – What was the progression or path for Matt as he entered real estate?

10:30 – What advice would Matt give an agent considering opening a brokerage?

14:35 – How did Matt enter the world of creating conferences?

19:00 – How does Matt source presenters for the Xplode events?

20:15 – Matt’s work with 1000Dwellings.org

24:40 – Matt’s 678 Real Estate Team with EXP Realty and it’s story

29:30 – What does the tech look like for the 678 Real Estate Team?

34:07 – What one piece of advice would Matt offer to a new agent?

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