We head back Down Under for Episode 177 and chat with Mel Myers, co-founder of BoxBrownie. BoxBrownie has developed a process to make image editing easy and inexpensive for real estate agents the world over. Mel has one of the most interesting back stories of all of my guests. No spoilers here! You must listen in and discover it for yourself. Enjoy!

02:35 – A bit of a geography lesson about the east coast of Australia

04:00 – What’s the biggest misconception about Australia?

06:00 – Mel is not a native of Australia. How did he get there?

06:50 – Mel's unique journey through the education system

11:55 – Mel's first company after school

13:05 – Meeting Brad and the genesis of BoxBrownie

16:35 – What are a some of the common mistakes made taking photos?

18:50 – How does BoxBrownie work?

20:30 – What sort of editing can BoxBrownie accomplish?

24:00 – Are there any other industries BoxBrownie is targeting?

27:00 – What's on the horizon for BoxBrownie?

28:10 – What piece of advice would you give a new agent just starting in the business?