We continue tracking down guests for The Real Estate Sessions that have been on the list for a while. In EP 182, Jimmy Mackin of Curaytor joins the crew. I've been connected to Jimmy via Facebook for nearly a decade and I consider him one of the premier sources for Facebook in the real estate world.

Listen in as Jimmy shares his personal journey and how Agent Reboot changed the direction of his life and career. Oh, and there's that amateur boxing thing…

02:10 – I know you live and work in the Boston area. Did you grow up in New England?
03:05 – Are you embarrassed by the number of championships Beantown sports teams have delivered over the last 15 years?
05:30 – In high school, what were you thinking of for a career?
08:35 – After you finish school, what was your first job?
11:00 – I first connected with you when you were helping people figure out Facebook. What was the time frame here and how did real estate enter the picture?
16:50 – You and Chris Smith launched Curaytor in 2013. How did you meet Chris? Can you talk about the dynamic between the two of you? The Water Cooler really let viewers see this, right?
20:40 – Can you explain how Curaytor had to pivot from its original model?
29:00 – Jimmy's take on startups vs real estate agents
32:05 – Facebook is still a big part of what you do. What are some of the biggest changes over the years at FB that required rethinking strategies and tactics and how tough is it to da FB ads right?
39:00 – As you look forward, what are the biggest challenges facing agents in terms of lead generation/conversion?
45:05 – Is there anything on the horizon with Curaytor you can share with listeners?
48:20 – What one piece of advice would you give a new agent just starting in the business?