Episode 183 finds us back in the Bay Area (the west coast version, not Tampa) to chat with Kenny Truong, AKA Kenny Fast or #FastAgent of Climb Real Estate. Kenny has been recognized as an innovator for his creative marketing and he has embraced social media branding in a huge way. Listen in as Kenny shares his unique journey to real estate superstar.

01:40 – You live and work in Oakland. Did you grow up in the East Bay? How do you describe the area? How different is it from SF?

04:25 – What did 15-year-old Kenny think he was going to do for a career?
06:00 – What was your first job after Cal State East Bay?
07:10 – When did you make the move to real estate and what prompted the move?
10:45 – How did you discover Climb Real Estate and what went into the decision to make the change?
13:45 – What is the origin story of “Kenny Fast” and #TEAMFAST? How do you market “fast” to buyers and sellers?
15:25 – You dig technology. What was the first tech tool you used that made a big difference in your business? Do you look for a solution to a problem or are you more of an early adopter and check it all out looking for the next home run?
23::40 – Your current title is Director of Inside Sales. How many ISA’s does Climb East Bay have? Any tips for an operation thinking of starting an ISA program?
30:40 – What new technology excites you and what tech needs to be invented?
33:10 – What one pieced of advice would you give a new agent just getting started in the business?