In Episode 185, we visit with Sunny Lake Hahn of 7DS Associates in Greenville, South Carolina. With a broad background in the industry, from building and design to residential brokerage management, Sunny’s current consulting role is a perfect fit. Listen in as Sunny shares her story, including a meeting with a conference crasher in Las Vegas a few years ago.

02:00 – Sunny talks about growing up in the Northwest and relocating to the Southeast.


06:35 – What were the career plans for Sunny after college?


09:00 – How does real estate enter the picture?


10:50 – Sunny recaps her time with Coldwell Banker


14:45 – Connecting with Rob


18:00 – Joining forces at 7DS Associates


20:40 – Sunny’s role working with brokerages


25:50 – Sunny talks about the dynamics of working closely with a spouse


29:45 – Are there issues when “consultants” are brought into an operation?


32:50 – Sunny shares a success story


36:25 – Sunny’s one  piece of advice for a new agent