Episode 188 features the National Speaker for BombBomb, Alicia Berruti. Alicia shares her story, which begins in Canada but brings her to Colorado Springs where she eventually joins the BombBomb team. Listen in as she shares some great insights into the power of one to one video.

03:05 –  Growing up in Western Canada


04:25 – First career as a child actor


06:45 – How did Alicia get to the US?


09:10 – When does Colorado Springs enter the picture?


09:45 – What did Alicia do prior to going BombBomb?


11:15 – The move to Bombbomb


14:25 – Is BombBomb moving into other industries other than real estate?


17:00 – In customer support, are there common issues that repeat themselves over and over?


18:15 – How do you help customers get over the fear of being on video?


23:30 – Alicia’s role as National Speaker


25:40 – How did BombBomb make it so easy to make video work via email?


28:30 – What are some of the recent improvements with BombBomb?


32:55 – What one piece of advice do you have for a new agent?