Episode 191 features Ronnie Woodrow, Broker Owner of Realistar Real Estate in Columbus, Ohio. A Realtor for 19 years, Ronnie recently launched his own brokerage. Listen in as we learn how Ronnie started in the business and how he came to the decision to make the leap to Broker/Owner.


02:00 – Is Ronnie a native Ohioan?


03:35 – What is  the biggest misconception about Ohio?


04:20 – Reds or Indians? Browns or Bengals? Love or hate LeBron?


06:00 – Was young Ronnie thinking about real estate as a career?


07:45 – Having a family background in contracting had to help, right?


08:35 – What was Ronnie’s first brokerage?


10:05 – What were the hard days like in Central, Ohio?


13:15 – What was next after Coldwell Banker?


14:30 – What advice does Ronnie have for someone starting a brokerage?


19:15 – Is online lead generation a part of the strategy?


21:15 – How is Ronnie handling the back office stuff?


21:55 – Any conferences on the horizon?


23:00 – Ronnies take on the iBuyers and other disruptors.


28:00 – One piece of advice for a new agent just starting.

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