Episode 192 provides great information on a program, Millie, that helps military families going through PCS (permanent change of station) Alison Wisnom is part of the Millie team and we learn how she connected with the group and why her skill set fits so well with the team.
01:35 – Where did Alison grow up?


04:40 – The decision to head to NOLA and Tulane University


08:40 – Heading off to serve in the Army.


10:20 – What is the role of a Signal Officer?


11:00 – After the 4 years commitment is over, what was Alison’s first job?


14:05 – How does real estate enter the picture?


16:35 – A detour to Hawaii and Hawaii Life.


22:00 – Returning to Maryland and re-connecting with Ken of Millie.


28:20 – Forming West and Main Transactions and the connection to Millie


30:30 – What are some of the most common issue facing relocation military families?


31:30 – Helping NAR with the MRP designation.


32:20 – What do Realtors need to know about the military relocation experience?


34:30 – What piece of advice would Alison suggest to a new agent?