In my quest to continue promoting video as a primary communication tool, Episode 193 features Steve Pacinelli, Chief Marketing Officer for BombBomb. Steve shares his journey from Penn St. directly in the world of real estate tech.

01:55 – Growing up outside Philadelphia

05:20 – The Penn St. experience

07:55 – What was Steve’s first job out of school?

08:45 – The Top Producer story during Steve’s time there

10:05 – Connecting with Chris Smith

13:05 – Discovering BombBomb

15:40 – Starting with BombBomb

16:50 – Collaborating with Ethan Beute for the book, Rehumanize Your Business

20:20 – Steve shares a story showing the power of one to one video

23:30 – The value of the metrics built-in to BombBomb

24:15 – The power of the 3-second loop

26:50 – The story behind the first Rehumanize event

31:50 – What piece of advice would Steve give a new agent?