Episode 194 takes the podcast to the Crescent City, New Orleans. Leslie Heindel, a fifth-generation native, answers a few questions about NOLA and I love my chat with her about her blog and how she has turned her local knowledge into clients. I also get the story behind king cake. Do you know what it is?

01:55 – Leslie talks about being a New Orleans native

04:20 – Is Leslie a “Who Dat” Saints supporter?

7:30 – What the heck is King cake?

9:00 – Was real estate a career possibility as Leslie headed to University?

10:35 – Leslie’s career prior to entering real estate full time

12:40 – Leslie discusses managing inbound internet leads

14:30 – A look at Crescent City Living

16:30 – Leslie’s love of blogging and how she adopted this strategy

18:40 – Is it too late to start a local blog?

20:35 – The story behind the Realtor.com post on thanking agent that do the work

23:10 – Leslie’s take on video and how she generates leads

24:40 – Leslie’s strategic take on working with renters

28:25 – What piece of advice would you give to a new agent?

https://beneworleans.com/ – Leslie’s blog site