Episode 195 takes us to lovely Boca Raton Florida, where Ariana Grande grew up and more importantly, home of my guest this week, Michele “Bee” Bellisari. Michele is a Realtor with RE/MAX Services and she is using social media and technology to build a lifestyle presence in Southern Florida. Whether it’s referrals from agents around the country or clients discovering her online, Michele is proof that done correctly, online marketing works!

01:30 – The proper pronunciation of Boca Raton


02:05 – Is Michele a native of Southern Florida?


04:00 – Bill and Michele both follow Sunny Lennarduzzi on YouTube


04:40 – What was young Michele gonna do after completing college?


07:10 – What was the career path to real estate like for Michele?


09:00 – Michele and lifestyle/blog marketing in Boca Raton


11:15 – The story behind the SoooBoca blog


15:30 – Michele’s use of video and ideas for those just starting out


20:50 – How does Michele handle the “Whats the ROI” question for social media?


24:20 – Michele talks about starting up the Real Estate Influencer Buzz podcast


29:05 – Who are some of the folks in the industry that Michele follows?


30:50 – What one piece of advice would Michele give to a new agent?



Instagram – @SoooBoca and @TheMicheleBee