Episode 196 – Shelley Zavitz of Hasson Company Realtors and author of Your First 365 Days in Real Estate, shares her journey from a small town in Canada to Portland and the world of Real Estate.

02:25 – Growing up in a small town in Ontario, Canada

03:40 – Shelley’s first job in radio

05:40 – Moving to Vancouver

07:40 – How does Shelley get to Portland and real estate?

10:10 – Was writing a book something Shelley knew she would do?

12:05 – The first chapter of the book and Shelley’s first day in the office

14:50 – How did Shelley go about growing her database of 4 people?

18:20 – Who were some of the influencers for Shelley that first year?

23:00 – How Shelley discovered the importance of mindset in the business.

25:10 – is there a second book in the works?

27:00 – Shelley’s take on iBuyers and your database

29:30 – What piece of advice would Shelley give to a new Realtor?

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