Serial entrepreneur Andrew Flachner of RealScout shares his story on Episode 201 of The Real Estate Sessions podcast. Andrew has been part of several start-ups, and he details some of the interesting aspects of these companies. Of course, we discuss RealScout and the state of technology in real estate today.

01:50 – Growing up in California

03:05 – Knowing real estate would be your path at an early age

06:40 – Working real estate while in college

08:45 – The first start-ups Natural Cravings and Duo Dater

13:35 – The RealScout story

16:05 – The reason behind focusing on on segment of the real estate transaction

18:20 – The concept of computer vision via machine learning

21:55 – A couple of Andrew’s favorite stat ups from ICLV

24:30 – Andrew’s take on “disruption” in 2019

26:50 – The relationship with Brad and

29:05 – What one piece of advice would you give a new agent?