I revisit an old friend from my Phoenix days on Episode 205. Evo Terra helps businesses and service providers launch podcasts designed to achieve specific business goals. He does this via his company Simpler Media Productions, and his service PodcastLaunch.Pro. Evo is one of the first 40 podcasters ever, and his podcast, Podcast Pontifications, is a must-listen for podcast professionals. Evo shares a few tips and ideas for real estate content creators on this episode. Listen in and enjoy!

02:25 – Early life in Oklahoma for Evo.


03:35 – With Evo’s love of Tech, was he the A/V guy in high school?


04:30 – What was Evo leaning towards for a career while in school?


05:30 – Transitioning into the world of digital marketing via a tire store.


08:15 – Getting into podcasting at the very beginning


10:5o – Was there a thought that this podcasting thing could get big?


12:30 – A bit about writing Podcasting for Dummies


14:40 – A quick chat about Eco and Sheila’s Excellent Adventure Abroad


18:30 – Reconnecting with podcasting in Bangkok


20:50 – The story behind Podcast Pontifications


26:10 – Can a service provider like a Realtor, benefit from a podcast?


30:45 – What’s the biggest misconception about podcasting for service providers?


32:25 – What one piece of advice would you give a new agent just getting started?