Alex Gustafson, founder of KoaWare, shares his thoughts on the importance of video for real estate listings and details the journey leading to the creation of He also openly chats about wiping out in a skatepark at the age of 30.


01:20 – Has Inman Connect been an important resource for KoaWare?


03:15 – Growing up in Connecticut


05:50 – Alex’s entrepreneurial spirit as a child


08:35 – Alex’s first website sale


11:40 – I have to ask Alex a but about skateboarding


13:35 – Starting companies at a young age


22:10 – What does KoaWare look like today?


26:00 – Why are high-quality photos so important in real estate?


29:00 – a few tips from Alex on shooting better photos


31:05 – Image editing is easier than ever with companies like Box Brownie. Alex weighs in on the topic


35:30 – What one piece of advice would you give to a new agent?